The Complete Makeup Artistry Course

Ready To finally master your makeup?

The Complete Makeup Artistry Course is a 5 week intensive learning program designed to teach you how to flawlessly and confidently apply your makeup. Our curriculum breaks down confusing makeup concepts such as colour theory and corrective sculpting, and makes them easy-to-understand with in-depth, practical video tutorials and digital workbooks. We will teach you how those concepts apply to practical makeup application with step-by-step demonstrations, empowering you to create makeup looks that are flattering to your individual face. 



Who Is The complete makeup artistry course for? 

This program is for anyone that wants to perfect their own makeup application, from total beginners to beauty gurus. We will teach you the 'why' behind makeup rules, help you to truly understand what flatters your face and how to perfectly execute the look. Whether you are a completely new to the world of makeup or want to level up your skills and understanding of beauty, this is the course for you. 


What We teach

Over the course of five weeks, we will to take you through every element of your makeup application, from skincare to false lashes and everything in between. We start by giving you a solid understanding of colour theory, colour correction, face and eye shapes, as well as sculpting and highlighting techniques. Then we show you how those techniques apply to your own makeup application, enabling you to create the best possible look for your face. Finally we dive into easy-to-follow practical video demonstrations that show you exactly how to execute a flawless face.  Here's a sample of some of our lessons:

  • Colour Analysis
  • Foundation Compatibility
  • Colour Correction
  • Concealing Acne & Rosacea
  • Corrective Sculpting
  • Blush Placement
  • Eyeliner Masterclass
  • How to Balance Your Eye Shape
  • Structured, Soft & Editorial Brows

How does it work?

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Video Tutorials
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Workbook Download
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Mobile & Tablet Friendly

The training is released weekly and broken down in modules and short lessons which consist of easy-to-follow videos, product resources and digital downloads. All of the training is online, contained in the private member only site. Students can view the training videos, download the workbook, ask questions via our comment section and connect with other members through our private Facebook group.

The Online Makeup School also includes interactive components like weekly live video chats where our tutors answers questions and offers individual advice to ensure that our members receive the highest value from the course. 

Plus, you’re a student for life. You will have full access to all of the course components to complete it in your own time, for as long as the course exists. 


ENROLLMENT in the complete makeup artistry course is limited. 

There are a limited number of places this semester so that we can provide our students with the best possible support. Click below for early bird pricing and to be notified when the course goes live. 


Why Should You Take This Course?

If you love makeup but are overwhelmed by the amount of contradictory information available on the internet today, this course will help you to cut through the noise and figure out what actually works and will look good on you. We use a diverse range of models with different face shapes, eye shapes and skin tones to help you visualise how the makeup will translate to you.

If you're a complete newbie and just beginning to dip your toe into the world of makeup, this course will provide you with a solid understanding that will empower you to apply - and shop for - makeup with confidence. If you've always worn makeup but never really known if you're doing it right, this course will give you with the tools you need to confidently experiment with new looks, products and techniques.


Spaces Are Limited